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Paolo Subiaco Home-Page - IW3GRX

My name is Paolo Subiaco, I'm born in 1973 and I live at Col San Martino , a little and nice village located in the province of Treviso, 50 Km north of Venice (Italy).
Electronic buildings was my passion, so i have studied at the Industrial Technical Institute of Conegliano, and then countinued the studies at the Ferrara University - Electronic EngineerDepartment.

My main hobby concerns the electronic field, expecially the amateur radio environment.
I'm an Amateur Radio, with special licence, since 1992, and my hamradio interestes are expecially Packet Radio (digital transmissions between computers and systems in a radio network) and vocal communications in the microwave bands (SSB), using self-builded devices.
About microwave vocal communications, i take part at several microwave contests, competitions where the target is to make as many distance connections as possible with other amateur radio peoples, so a classifications is made calculating one point per kilometer; for these contests i use only home-made devices (SSB-radios, antennas, etc).
Recently, i'm involved in ATV (Amateur TeleVision): this is a simple way of transmitting audio and video through FM devices operating in microwave bands. Because i'm so tired, i'm using only receiver and transmitters available in the commerce.
Also, APRS is another activity in my interest...anyway, i don't think this is one of the better hamradio activities....

My Projects



  • I'm the system administrator of the Amateur Radio host www.ir3ip.net , that permit to the local hamradio users to make radio connections with other hamradio hosts using the IP protocol, as in the internet environment.
  • I made some implementations to the SuperVozelj, a very powerful and cheap amateur radio router based in AX.25 protocol, that permit hundreds of simultaneous connections. At this time, hundreds of SuperVozelj nodes are placed in several countris, like Italy, Slovene, Croatia and Spain.
  • Implementation of the CGI interface to access DPBOX bbs features: this consists of some C program and a Tcl cgi script, which permit users to list, read and reply to packet radio messages.
    Also, it includes gzip encoding to perform faster transfer rate to browser which support gzip compression (like Netscape for Unix).
    Warning: the primary site for this project is ir3ip.sourceforge.net: please visit this site if you are interested about help me developing software!
  • Smart program, for Linux, which connect SuperVozelj AX.25 amateur radio nodes, and download the telemetric statistics like power supply voltage and internal and external temperature; store these values into an archive file, and build PNG images within the graph of each telemetry, useful for a webserver where showing the telemetry statistics.
    Click here to see an example of telemetry statistic provided by SuperVozelj; C sources (svstat-x.y.tar.gz) are available under GNU/GPL License
  • Another similar program, written in C for Linux, permit to automatically download photos from the CCD B/W installed on several SuperVozelj AX.25 nodes, translate them into JPEG format, and store them in a directory, so they become visible in a web page.
  • A PHP4 script which permit to upload and view QSL images/informations.
    QSL is a postal-card used by amateur radios to confirm radio connections. You will see the QSL gallery on our ham server clicking here; the software qsl.x.y.tar.gz is available here.
    Warning: the primary site for this project is ir3ip.sourceforge.net: please visit this site if you are interested about help me developing software!
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  • Packet Radio?
    Send a message to IW3GRX@IK3GET.IVEN.ITA.EU
  • Post mail?
    My address is
    Paolo Subiaco
    via Castelletto, 115
  • Phone?
    +39 0438 898277
  • Fax (24 hours online)
    +39 02 700 437 159

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